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We specialise in marquee blocks to secure temporary structures on hard areas

We can also supply blocks for traffic or access control, crowd control, sea defenses or traffic diversion


marquee weights marquee weights
marquee weights marquee weights

  Marquee Weights and Ballast - Sometimes known as Kelley or Kentledge Blocks

Where marquees are placed on paved or tarmac areas, the solution required to hold them down is to provide marquee weights (concrete "Kelley" blocks with lifting points with brackets or straps to secure the guy ropes). The marquee weights are available in various standard sizes and are available depending on the size of the marquee or configuration. For neatness the mini marquee weights (right photo) which weigh 500kg may be the best solution although you may need more of them, the larger 1000kg Kelley blocks may require less and will be more suitable where access is unrestricted. Our experts can advise on the most economic solution for your situation. 


"Kelley" Blocks can also be used for other situations e.g. traffic or access control, crowd control, sea defenses or traffic diversion. The "Kelley" blocks can be coloured or coated/covered on request, and even be used for advertising. They can also have pockets for flags or banners and covers to match the marquee.  K-BlockHire Kelley blocks are available in a number of weights, sizes and decoration to complement the requirements of your event, and can be purchased or hired to suit your situation. We have customers who need the same solution each year and have purchased their own Kelley blocks and then only have the cost of storage and deployment each year. Our rapid response team will solve your event dilemma and budget restraints and will be dealt with by our professional team who are a "chip of the old block" if you pardon the pun!

Free estimates, drawings and permissions prepared/obtained, and always at competitive prices. We have provided solutions for various temporary events such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival  

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